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  • Editors' Note

    The Art of Packing

    May 24, 2019

    "We all love to travel. Packing? Not so much. But there's an art to smart packing and we're excited to share our tips with you. Here, our tried-and-true hacks, whether you're headed for a long trip overseas or a just a weekend getaway." — Veronica & Veronica

    1. Less is more. We're fans of the maximalist mindset here at Veronica Beard—more color, more leopard—but when it comes to packing, we aim for a tight edit. An easy way to do this is to pack by outfit, not by item. Trust us, it will help cut down on the overpacking.

    2. Some people prefer to fold their clothes; others swear by rolling to save space. We like both. Fold heavier items like jeans and sweaters and save the thinner garments for the roll-up treatment (which also minimizes wrinkles).

    3. Pack your clothes inside out. You'll thank us, if something spills in your suitcase.

    4. Dickeys jackets! They're our travel MVPs because you can get more outfits from your looks—and with less bulk, too. Plus, they're great for a wardrobe quick-change so you can spend more time actually enjoying your vacation.

    5. Get creative with hidden spaces, like the insides of your shoes. Stuff them with socks, belts and other smaller objects. You can also pack a rolled-up belt in the collar of a shirt to help keep its shape. Empty sunglasses cases, meanwhile, are great for storing charging cables or more fragile items.

    6. Layer Bounce dryer sheets between the clothes in your suitcase. They'll keep everything fresh and evoke that just-out-of-the-dryer feel.

    7. Packing cubes are an essential. Not only do they keep things organized in your suitcase, but you can easily transfer those cubes into hotel drawers and closets—instant unpacking and repacking!

    8. Keep toiletries and any liquids near the top of your suitcase. In case you're subjected to a customs or TSA search, the agents won't have to dig and undo all your brilliant packing.

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