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Veronica Miele Beard’s Guide to Kenya

Earlier this year, I traveled with the family to the beautiful wilderness of Kenya. Being able to press pause on city life and cell phones—and just enjoy quiet time in nature, unspoiled and untouched—was fantastic. Here, my travel recs… xx VMB

Elewana Kifaru House
We stayed at Elewana Kifaru House, located on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. There are few places in the world where you can have breakfast al fresco… while getting a close-up view of nature going about its day: zebras at the watering hole, colorful flocks of birds breaking the horizon… Kifaru was our hub for the duration of the trip, with the guides setting us up with unbelievable experiences—like game drives (more on that below) and those bush breakfasts—so no two days were the same. One of the more memorable moments involved visiting the local Maasai communities, who welcomed us into their manyatta hut homes, and watching my kids join in on their joyful jumping dance, the adamu.

Karen Blixen Museum
I loved Karen Blixen’s memoir Out of Africa when I was growing up—the same goes for the 1985 adaptation starring Meryl Streep, an oft-quoted inspiration in the fashion industry (ourselves included!). So I was excited to explore her estate at the Ngong Hills; the author’s home is now a museum open to the public. Walk through the bungalow and you’ll be transported decades into the past, with much of the original decor still in place. Fun fact: Longtime resident Peter Beard, the famous artist and photographer who discovered Iman, still lives nearby in a tented encampment named Hog Ranch.

Maasai Mara
No trip to Kenya is complete without time spent at the Maasai Mara, the open grasslands where you're greeted by wondrous animals and breathtaking views at every turn. We saw majestic elephants, striped zebras, spotted giraffes and leopards, giant rhinos and—my favorite—elegant towering ostriches. It was incredible. For those of you planning on making a trip there, here's one indispensable tip from our amazing guide: If you're ever chased by a hippo, run away in a zigzag pattern—never a straight line. Those creatures are fast, but because of their colossal size and short legs, they can't turn easily.

My photo diary below—all the unbelievable animals, all the unforgettable moments, and all the smiles…


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