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  • Model Citizen: Gabrielle Richardson

    Representing the underrepresented in the art world

    April 18, 2019

    New York City isn't lacking for great art destinations. But let's be real—the powerhouse institutions, with the weight of history and funding behind them, tend to dominate the spotlight. So to discover where to find cool, under-the-radar talent, we spoke to Gabrielle Richardson, Muse model and co-founder of the digital movement Art Hoe Collective, which serves to elevate marginalized artists. Photographed at the New Museum, one of her favorite spots, Richardson shared her Top 5 guide plus her latest artist and Instagram crushes.


    Art Hoe Collective is...
    An online art gallery and collective that champions the art work of young queer creatives of color.

    And what was the inspiration behind it?
    Art Hoe Collective was created in 2015 on tumblr (rest in peace). We were all artists in our own right and realized that, on the internet, there were a bunch of amazing black queer and femme artists—but when we went to traditional spaces, there was very little representation. We decided to reclaim our power and take matters into our own hand, and created a space for us by us.

    Greatest AHC moments?
    I think our art show this past January, which took place in LA, is one of our biggest milestone moments. The majority of the collective is based in New York so the fact that we could go to the other side of the country and build a community based around art and liberation and have so many people still come up and support was a beautiful thing.

    Current art obsession?
    Kerry James Marshall—he creates vibrant, large-scale paintings commenting on black identity and showing vignettes of black life that are a mix of both reality and fantasy.

    Gabrielle Richardson in the Mya jacket and, below, wearing the Cindy tee and Kirra jeans.

    “Art is a language that everyone can understand.”

    Your must-visit art guide to NYC includes stops at...
    Brooklyn Museum, New Museum, David Zwirner, Moma PS1 and Bridget Donahue Gallery.

    And why you love them...
    My favorite thing about these places is that they put an emphasis on contemporary works. I also enjoy them because I think one of the most radical things a museum can do is be free and accessible to the people (although not all of these places are free). I love a gallery or museum that is willing to share diverse narrative from people across different genders, sexualities, race, economic backgrounds and creeds. Most people are visual learners and I think art is a language that everyone can understand and that can be used to teach people to empathize with each other.

    Who are your favorite creatives to follow on Instagram?
    @rahmbow, @tylersphotos and @tschabalalaself

    Gabrielle Richardson, wearing the Jaelyn dress and Jaqlyn mules.