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  • Meet the Curator: Lolita Cros

    Plus, a beginner's guide to collecting art

    April 19, 2019

    As the founder and curator of The Salon at The Wing, who's responsible for curating the artwork in the women's club's numerous locales, Lolita Cros has to have her finger on the pulse of the art world. And she's making sure you're tapped in, too, with her own digital series featuring in-studio visits and artist interviews. We recently got some one-on-one time with the Parisian, who took us around her latest installation at The Wing in Soho, New York, and shared some insider intel on who's new and next and how to curate your own top-notch collection.

    Favorite emerging artists right now?
    So many! Chase Hall and Louis Heilbronn—I've curated shows for both. Jeffly Gabriela Molina is incredible. I love Cassidy Early. Even artists who can be playful with their works, like Elizabeth De La Piedra, who is an incredible photographer and shoots more candid moments.

    And established artists you love?
    Lynette Yiadom-Boakye—I've been obsessed with her since her first show. Her paintings are stunning and give you chills. The way she uses color... it's like Peter Doig. There's a sublime aspect to her work you just can't put your finger on. Nancy Holt is another—she was a land artist when most land artists were macho men. She's an icon.

    Tell us about the new installation at The Wing in Soho...
    The goal was to create a dialogue that doesn’t usually happen between artists of different career paths—some younger, some more established. For example, we have a work by Lesley Schiff, the mother of photocopy art, and across from her we have something by Amy Beecher, a painter who started working with digital art. The latter applies materials like Play-Doh and slime on the scanner, which I felt was very relevant for this era of ASMR and weird Instagram accounts. She's been a longtime fan of Lesley's so I'm thrilled to have them showing across from each other. It feels like I made a spark happen.

    Above: Jo Shane's 2008 photograph Nica at Rehan Ave on display at The Wing in Soho; Lolita Cros, wearing the classic dickey jackey, Lauren crew-neck tee and Kaia skirt, between sculptures by Caroline Wayne (Deep End series, left, and Stuffed, both 2017). Here: Nikki in bathrobe, 1990, by Pamela Hanson.

    5 Tips to Collecting Art (As a Newbie)

    1. Buy things you connect with. Always. If you don't love it, people won't love it. Sometimes, you might love things that may not sell and that's OK.

    2. You can start small. I started my collection with money I saved by not buying coffee outside and making it at home. And, remember, buying art is always money well spent—it's something you'll have with you forever.

    3. Educate yourself. I discovered a lot of art by going to MFA shows. And in New York, we're spoiled because there are a lot of artist residences and artist spaces that open to the public, like Pioneer Works in Red Hook. Schedule a studio visit. Ask questions. Get to know the artists.

    4. Education comes before price tag. It's important for people to understand what they're buying and to know that they're buying something that speaks to them.

    5. If you really don't know where to start, reach out to me and I'll help you.

    Above: Nikki in bathrobe, 1990, by Pamela Hanson. Here: Cros sitting in front of Erin M. Riley's Bruised Knees & a Sore Jaw in Hell tapestry, from 2018, and wearing the Mykola dress and Cara jean jacket with removable hoodie dickey.

    “Buy things you connect with. Always. If you don't love it, people won't love it.”

    Above: Mineral Analog, 2016, by Devra Freelander.