VBGetaway: Argentina & Chile

April 7, 2014

Travel is an enormous part of my life and an important experience for me to pass on to my children. Perhaps I inherited this wanderlust from my mother who is the quintessential courageous explorer. She always gets us up and out there to share in her adventures—some a bit outside of our comfort zones! Our trip to South America looks glamorous in pics, but truth be told, it was an experience, not necessarily a "vacation." My hope is that the kids come home thinking about life differently. To witness a live tango or to meet the original Argentines (the Incan people of the north) gives incredible perspective to the diversity of life through art and culture.


In Patagonia, we visited the Perito Moreno Glacier. The vivid blue hues of Ice and the dull roar as they break away are spectacular. Head to Iguazu in Misiones Province, Argentina for the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.
Salinas Grandes, a large salt desert in central-northern Argentina is also worth a visit! Don't forget to meet the gauchos of Chile and Argentina. They are the cattle-wranglers responsible for all of that famous South American beef!


Get ready to say goodbye to your morning vente-to-go and say hello to mate, the iconic tea you'll see the Argentinians drinking at all hours of the day. We loved tasting empanadas, the stuffed dough pockets ubiquitous throughout the country. (My favorite was the onion & cheese.) We also came across delicious dulce de leech everywhere we looked!


Rhodochrosite is Argentina's national gemstone - we found it everywhere in the form of jewelry and sculpture.