Louise Roe

October 2015

Fashion Journalist + Stylist Louise Roe on why versatile pieces are a stylish girl’s secret.

First off, we love the book!! What (or who) inspired you to jumpstart the journey of publishing Front Roe?

Thank you! I have always, always wanted to write a book. I started out my career as a journalist at Elle and In Style magazines in London, and began making notes for Front Roe years ago. I knew I wanted one cohesive place to answer all the style questions I’ve ever been asked, and to share all the tips I’ve picked up along the way.

You offer so many great styling tips in the book. Do you have a favorite one, either personally or professionally?

It’s hard to pick! I wanted the tips to be really practical, and interesting. So that people actually learn something reading the book, and put a few new ideas into practice. One of my favorites is the skin brightening smoothie. It is so yummy and actually makes a difference to how plumped up and hydrated your face feels.

If you could tell your readers the one piece of advice to live by when it comes to their personal style, what would it be?

Wear what makes you happy. Fashion is supposed to be fun and experimental, and as much as I love giving advice on trends, fabrics and fit, at the end of the day you want to be walking out feeling confident and fabulous.

There is no question that publishing a book is a TON of work and time devoted to just that. What was your saving grace/ the key to juggling it all and staying sane?

I actually really enjoyed having to stay in the house more. Life is so hectic in LA, it was refreshing to strike through my calendar with neon pen and put time aside to focus. When I was writing in LA, my big treat of the day was a walk to the café for an iced latte! I would set goals to finish a chapter and then go. Sounds silly, but it worked!

Whose closet would you raid?

Miranda Kerr

What is the best fashion secret you’ve ever learned?

Fit is everything. If you’re wearing something that’s the wrong shape or size, it can make you look bigger, and it won’t flatter – no matter how much it cost.

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