A Day in the Life: Katie Sturino at NYFW

February 13, 2019

Sturino in the Farley dickey jacket and Beverly 10” skinny flare

@the12ishstyle's Katie Sturino makes her NYFW modeling debut at the Veronica Beard presentation—see the day through her eyes, from sunrise to sundown (and beyond).

6:16 AM

Wake up. It's a big day today! I'm modeling in my first NYFW fashion presentation for Veronica Beard. My style crush on the Veronicas couldn't be any bigger...

9:45 AM

I do my makeup. Considering I did it in the car, I think I do a pretty great job! I'm with Hunter McGrady and we're on our way to the Stitch Fix Red Carpet event.

10:00 AM

We're here. It's an actual red carpet at the Columbus Circle subway station, complete with publicists and paparazzi!

12:00 PM

At home for a quick change before I head to the Veronica Beard presentation. In my new favorite jeans by the designers—size 18.

2:35 PM

Hustling because I'm late...

3:00 PM

Epic rookie mistake! I went to the studio where we did the fitting—not where the presentation is taking place, Industria. Now I'm really late. Not a great move for a young model!

Katie Sturino in the Keke cardigan and Beverly 10" skinny flares

3:15 PM

Made it! Phew.

3:17 PM

Ushered into hair and makeup.

3:45 PM

Everyone keeps asking me how my first modeling experience is going and they don't know I've been a model like this in my brain for 12 years...

4:10 PM

Get into my look—a floral top, houndstooth jacket and black pants. My shoes have clip-on bows!

4:30 PM

I line up backstage with all the other models. It’s about to go down….

4:38 PM

In position! The space is done up like a forest, complete with big bears, bunnies and deer (don't worry—all stuffed).

5:00 PM

The doors open! What should I do with my hands?

5:25 PM

I spot my friends—Amelia Diamond, Danielle Prescod, and the crew from Harper’s Bazaar.

5:45 PM

One of the hardest parts about modeling is remembering that people are looking at your face. Being aware of any weird faces I’m making is hard!

6:15 PM

I go to dinner at Barbuto and I’m home by my preferred time of…

9:00 PM

Time to catch up on SNL.

Photographed by Alyssa Greenberg at the Fall 2019 Presentation