Dynamic Duo: The Editorialist

August 18, 2016

Business partners, mothers & friends. These are the women in business we are inspired by. Meet this month's Dynamic Duo.
Kate Davidson Hudson and Stefania Allen earned their stripes as accessories editors at Elle magazine before stepping out together to launch Editorialist, a luxury accessory destination that combines content and commerce. We are excited to introduce you to this pair in the launch of our new series, Dynamic Duo, a place where we will spotlight inspiring women in business. Read on to hear more about their careers, their best advice, and what they've taught each other about style.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Kate & Stefania: We were frustrated with the experience of reading our favorite fashion magazines and not being able to access the incredible product the editors found and shot across the pages. So, we built Editorialist to further the efficiency of traditional fashion media and connect our readers with product across our pages [digitally, socially, and in print] with the click of a button, in one seamless experience.

Describe Editorialist in three words:

Kate: Inspiring, Smart, Chic
Stefania: Smart, Luxury, Exclusive

What sets Editorialist apart from other fashion sites?

Kate: Authoritative perspective on the market and the seamless integration of shopping and authentic content.

Running a business together is like...

Kate: A business marriage.
Stefania: Being married.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Stefania: No matter how hard you work, always make sure you're having fun.
Focus on perfecting your product, not what everyone around you is doing.

One thing Stefania taught me about style:

Shorter can sometimes be better :)

One thing Kate taught me about style:

Less is more.

Your most-loved accessory:

Stefania: A Ilias Lalounis ring that I inherited from my grandmother.
Too many to name.
Kate Davidson Hudson and Stefania Allen, co-founders of Editorialist
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