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Movers & Shakers: Sarah Gibson Tuttle

March 16, 2018

Now that our doors are open on Melrose Place, we get to spend a lot more time on the West Coast — and that means more time at Olive & June. Founded by Sarah Gibson Tuttle, the nail salon is bright, inviting and chic. It's the kind of place you want to hang out at all day long.

"I really wanted to empower women to feel like their best selves," says Sarah of why she started Olive & June. "Having your nails done is my version of a superpower." We stopped by the Beverly Hills location to talk all things style, the West Coast and manicures. Read our interview below!

Name & Occupation:

Sarah Gibson Tuttle, Founder/CEO of Olive & June

What sets Olive & June apart?

From the beautiful interiors to the polish selection to the always kind and friendly team, we care so very much about every detail of your experience.

Best advice you’ve ever received:

Not everything needs an immediate reaction. Take your time and respond thoughtfully.

What are you most passionate about?

Making women feel powerful.

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First thing you do in the morning:

Olive & June Beauty Tea Latte with my favorite almond milk.

Go-to manicure color:

Constantly rotating a neutral, like OPI Tiramisu for Two.

Describe your style in five words:

LA under a NY influence.

One thing you never leave the house without:

A nail file.

What makes you feel confident?

Lest I be so obvious and say my nails done... I feel great when I have meditated. If I have both, I'm feel on top of the world.

Dream dinner party guests:

Oprah, my besties and my daughter. My husband stopping by at the end because I can't deny Oprah to anyone I love.

Guilty pleasure:


Camo or Leopard?

Leopard, but by a very slim margin.

Red lip or smoky eye?

Eyes! Love a neutral lip which I know is crazy talk.

East Coast or West Coast?


Veronica Beard is...

Gorgeous, feminine, and FUN.
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