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Movers & Shakers: Nicole Lapin

March 21, 2017

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Nicole wears the Bex Combo Dress.

Nicole Lapin knows a thing or two about success. The best-selling author and serial entrepreneur just released her second book, Boss Bitch, which outlines how to take charge of your career in an honest and empowering way. It also turns out that this savvy expert is a huge Veronica Beard fan, so we asked her to take her favorite spring styles for a spin while letting us in on her secrets for being a total boss. Meet our newest Mover & Shaker!

Name & occupation:

Nicole Lapin, New York Times best-selling author of Rich Bitch and Boss Bitch, host of the business reality competition show "Hatched" and margarita connoisseur.

Tell us about your new book, Boss Bitch:

Boss Bitch is a 12-step plan for taking charge of your career. It shows you how to be the boss of you, be the boss within a bigger company and be the boss of your own business. This is not your mama's business book and I'm pretty sure it's the only one that swears.

What do you hope people learn from it?

I hope women can feel empowered to own their brand and get ahead in their work lives no matter where they are in life: whether it's being a mom-preneur, a VP at a company or the owner of a business. A career is no longer a ladder, it's more like a rope swing. For many women, we go through different stages in our lives, maybe starting a business, then working for someone else, then taking time off then maybe starting another business...or any permutation of that. We should embrace the choice, own it and realize the view is better from swinging on a rope than being stuck on a rung of a ladder.

First thing you do every morning?

First I get coffee, then I do things.

Best career advice you’ve ever received?

Walk with kings (queens) and carry the common touch.

Three things you are passionate about?

Educating women about money, making TV magic and swearing.

Describe your style in five words?

Simple, classic, repetitive, equal parts high and low end, good girl with a hint of bad.

Your #1 work wardrobe essential?

Nude pumps.

What makes you feel confident?

Being happy.

Style icon:

Mindy Grossman, the savvy and stylish CEO of HSN.

The secret to your success?

Feeling like, and working like, you don't have it.

Leopard or camo?

Camo, for sure.

Red lip or smoky eye?

Smoky eye...I try and always fail to rock a red lip.

Uptown or downtown?

Business uptown, party downtown: my NYC "mullet."

Boss bitch or rich bitch?

Can't choose between my children!

Flats or heels?

Flats with heels in my bag.

Describe veronica beard in one word:



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