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Movers & Shakers: Les Filles

September 19, 2018

The relationship between music and fashion is often overlooked; but Bec Adams, founder of the all-women DJ collective, Les Filles is on a mission to change that. With a growing roster of eight stylish, music mavens—including Brianna Lance who curated the music for our Spring 2019 NYFW collection—Les Filles is establishing a sonic voice across the fashion industry and frankly, we can’t stop listening. We caught up with Bec to talk style, feminism and of course, all things music.

What inspired you to start Les Filles?

I saw there was a need in the industry for fashion lines to sonically brand themselves.

Why do you think there are so few women DJs? 

When women have DJ’d it’s often been seen as a gimmick, or they are not taken as seriously. But each of us are talented musicians and we understand the craft of DJing, so we’re establishing a no point of difference between hiring a male DJ versus a female.

What do you look for when picking talent? What makes these women different?

It is not a popularity contest! Every single girl that comes into our Les Filles family are musicians and music nerds alike. 

What is Les Filles motto?

Leave your ego at the door!

What’s a typical day like at Les Filles HQ?

Manic! But filled with music.

Les Filles connects fashion and music. Tell us about that connection and the process of producing music for fashion shows.

There is a message that is trying to be communicated by the designers, and because we know so much about music, we work hard to find the best and most creative songs to enhance the collection.

How do the Les Filles women influence each other?

We each have our own music niches. And we are all inspired by each other’s knowledge. Brianna plays the most incredible 80s and 90s alternate ballads, whilst Alix plays rock and roll from all ages. The vibes we create are inspiring, because each of us are experts within those particular genres.

What is your morning anthem?

Mine is Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

Any guilty pleasure tunes?

Crystal Waters. Everything they ever created.

What’s the last song you listened to?

Super Koto – Ponzu Island

How did you get your start DJing? 

I was lucky enough to have a father who collected records and taught me how important it is to put good music in a space to create a vibe, which is a challenge. And I am always up for a challenge! 

My first music memory is…

My mum was a pianist. She made a career out of it. I remember the sound of a piano filling our house every day, all day. It’s a beautiful nostalgic memory. 

Tell us about sonic branding.

Sonic branding sends a brand’s message to the brain via a different source: the sonic. Because fashion is so visual, people forget that it is equally important for a message to be sent via other elements. If you choose the correct music to enhance your brand’s message, the consumer is going to feel more passionate about what they see visually. 

How does music influence each of your personal styles?

Alix Brown dresses like someone from the 60s who was at all the Rock concerts. Blu dresses like a disco queen with a modern twist. They both play this kind of music.

What’s your fashion week survival tip?

Talking of far off lands filled with nature you plan to escape to as soon as it is all done.

Leopard or camo?


What’s next for Les Filles?

World domination? Bringing more good music to people’s ears so no one hears junk food music anymore! 

Brianna's VB Spring 19 Playlist: 

1. You Can Have It All - George McCrae
2. Strawberry Letter 23 - Shuggie Otis
3. Gravura - Daniel T.
4. Love Is a Stranger - Eurythmics
5. Camino Del Sol - Antena, Todd Terje
6. Somebody Who (Nsca Remix) - Au Revoir Simone
7. Bahia - Prince Rama
8. Hammock - Millionyoung
9. Hard to Be Still - Annie Hart
10. Beautiful Son John/Talabot's Acetate Dub - Peaking Lights
11. Watch the Glow - Museum of Bellas Artes
12. Manhattan - Cat Power
13. It Takes a Muscle - Spectral Display
14. Beam Me Up - Midnight Magic
15. Follow Me - Amanda Lear
16. Bad Connection - Yaz
17. Temptation - New Order
18. Enola Gay - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
19. Rockin' Chair - Gwen McCrae

You can listen via Spotify here
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