Movers & Shakers

Movers & Shakers: Erin Andrews

February 2016

Sportscaster Erin Andrews has been spotted on the field more than once in her VB – and now she gives us insider tips what to know before the big game, her favorite on-field uniform, top game time snacks and more!

First things first: who are you rooting for?

Unfort. that gets tricky for me. Technically I’m not supposed to root for anyone b/c I work for Fox. We can’t pick favorites. But I’m rooting for a great game and some of storylines occurring throughout the game. Peyton Manning is a huge storyline. Is this it for him? What he’s overcome to get to SB 50. How will he play in his what could be his final game? I’ve worked the last two Carolina Panthers’ games…and they were beatdowns… Can they keep that up? How will Cam perform under the greatest spotlight ever? Will Thomas Davis, who broke his arm the last game, be able to play and perform on Sunday??

What is your game day uniform?

Since I don’t have a Sunday off during the season, my Sunday uniform is based on the weather and comfort. I tend to wear a skinny jean or pant, a fun blazer or coat, and some sort of stylish flat. There are way too many cables to jump over on the sidelines and too much ground to cover to wear heels.

Funniest (or most clever) fashion faux-pas you’ve seen at a game?

I think the funniest fashion faux-pas I’ve seen at a game is when women try to wear “club style outfits”….like high heels. That is flat out crazy to me. Fans have to walk a lot at games…who wants to wear heels??? Be comfortable…

Who are you most interested in interviewing?

I love talking to players and coaches with great stories. Also, its great to catch a guy on the sideline with an awesome personality. I get it…these players get so tired of answering the same questions over and over. So have fun with me….the guys that do, and we’re able to have a back and forth..that’s the best….ie: Cam Newton, Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett

Favorite halftime show? (or, Dream halftime performer?)

Beyonce….and let’s be serious…when Britney Spears came out w/ N’Sync and Aerosmith….”Walk this way!!!!"

Any insider scoop on Super Bowl 2016?

After the way this season went in the NFL, its so hard to predict anything. My heart is telling me one thing and my mind is telling me another….I’ll leave it at that!

How would you ideally love to watch the Super Bowl?

For me watching a game and not working it is really hard. Ideally, I’d love to be working this game. Its harder to watch it when you aren’t working it. I want to know what’s being said on the sidelines, in the production meetings, in the huddles…. Our Fox crew ends up texting each other the whole time…its like we can’t be apart for a game.

Your secret weapon?

Good concealer!!!! My tempurpedic pillow!! You don’t get a lot of sleep on the road…Anything that can help me cover my dark circles!! And my neck pillow to help me try and get some shut eye!!

Your on-the-road workout or health routine?

I’m lucky b/c my crew is very health conscious on the road. I like to try and Yelp any barre or yoga studios by our hotel. I’ll pop in and take a class everyday I’m on the road. Working out helps me feel better when I’m living out of a suitcase

Your ultimate Super Bowl party has...

Beer or wine? Both! Nachos or wings? Both! Popcorn or pretzels? Both! Dan Marino or Jerry Rice? Can I ask Brett Favre to come?

Your job in 3 words?

Unpredictable, Crazy, Awesome