VB Black Book: Peonies and Hamilton

May 11 ,2016

The places, people and things we are loving this week.

Flower Girl NYC

“It’s peony season and I’m filling my home (and the office) with pretty arrangements from Denise Porcaro's Flower Girl NYC!” – VSB


"I am so glad VEEP is back. It's the funniest show on TV right now, the writing will make you laugh out loud!"- VMB

Sequence Collection Bracelets

“I just picked up one of these bracelets at Hu’s Wear in Washington D.C. The bracelets are made in El Salvador by at-risk youth with a mission to create jobs and improve livelihoods.” – VSB

Hamilton: The Revolution

“Despite the buzz around Alexander Hamilton, there is a lot people don't know about him, especially kids. My daughter is going to see the play and we got her a few books to read beforehand. This one is just as good as the musical!” – VMB

Calandra’s Bakery and Restaurant

“Whether you’re looking for a football helmet shaped cake or a full Italian dinner, this New Jersey bakery meets restaurant is amazing. I’m a snob when it comes to good sauce and meatballs and this place has the best of both. Plus, you can get their breads and sauces at the grocery store!” – VMB