VB Black Book: January Essentials

January 13, 2016

The places, people and things we are loving this month.
Take Me I’m Yours at the Jewish Museum on the Upper East Side is a cool interactive art exhibition where you can take parts of the artwork home with you (candy, posters, pins and more). Perfect way to spend a winter afternoon! – VMB

Candice Kumai’s Chocolate Smoothie

I’m making meditation part of my 2017 routine – and I’m doing it at Inscape, the new meditation space in NYC. Plus, we have a guide from them coming to the blog soon! – VSB

Mantra Band

I got one of these bracelets for Christmas and I’m wearing it every day! I love the simple design and that you can choose from dozens of phrases. I’m all about “Carpe Diem”! – VMB