Mother Knows Best: Wise Words from Moms

May 9, 2017

In honor of Mother's Day, we reached out to some of our favorite mamas and asked them to share their words of wisdom when it comes to motherhood. Here's what they had to say!

Happy Mother's Day!

“Your kids KNOW when you do or don’t approve. Keep official rules clear but not scary. You want them to open up and tell you ALL.” - VMB

“Drink water and get some sleep!" - VSB

“Even though you are a mother (especially for new mothers), there is no reason to lose yourself. It’s not being selfish to take time for yourself and be social and cater to who you were before baby. I’m a huge believer that if you keep yourself up, you’ll be a better caregiver.” - Rajni Jacques

"Everyone is so busy these days and life happens. Make sure to put your kids' important dates like their school performances, parent/teacher conferences, doctor appointments, birthdays and holidays on your calendar. Then, try not to book a work travel day on them so you can make sure not to miss the big stuff. And if you have boys, buy one style sock so you never don't have a match!" - Bobbi Brown

"My mom has always said that babies pick up on energy which I love as this just reminds me to keep a very relaxed attitude towards everything – getting places on time, traveling, routines, and motherhood in general. And of course, happy mom, happy baby (which I like to remind my husband of so I can sneak away for some much needed me time!)." - Alicia Lund

“Remember the importance of balance. The key in finding that is making sure to dedicate a little personal time to escape for some pampering. If you are happy, everyone around you will be happy - including your family.” - Aerin Lauder

"I got a really fun piece of advice from my friend Jamie at my shower: Set up an email account for your baby and send random thoughts, memories, photos, videos, whatever—they’ll love revisiting the early moments with you (and you’ll never remember all of it!)." - Ying Chu

"My best advice to other new moms is to limit how much you use Google for help with mom stuff because all you’ll learn is that everything you’re doing is wrong. Instead, crowd-source from a few other moms whose opinions you trust. And if all else fails, ask your own mom. She might not have the best advice, but she’ll remind you of the time she dropped you on your head or something and how you still turned out just fine"

- Andrea Lavinthal