Mood Board: Artist Natasha Law

May 24, 2017

My work is predominantly inspired by the people around me (friends and family), capturing gestures and making stills from moments of intimacy. I find myself looking back over family photographs a lot, especially holidays and travels with family or the children hanging out together and with friends.

Sally Mann, Annelies Strbas, Gemma Booth & Valerie Philips
Unsurprisingly I find myself drawn to, and inspired by, the same informal, intimate quality in other people’s work. I’ve always loved and admired Sally Mann's photographs. Immediate Family and At Twelve are just the most beautiful, wild and honest portraits of children and young women inhabiting their own world uninhibited.

I've also been rediscovering Annelies Strbas documentation of her family and the female worlds captured by photographers like Gemma Booth and Valerie Philips (her frank studies of women she becomes intrigued by). There's a "scratches and bruises" honesty to all of these artists work in conjunction with a real appreciation of female loveliness. They all add to a depiction of what it also is and can be to be female that I love so much.

Palo Alto by James Franco

Possibly in-sync with exploring the world of the teen and young adult, I have been rereading Palo Alto by James Franco. Palo Alto so perfectly brings to mind a certain decade for me and satisfies my love for the unsentimental and authentic.

Ellsworth Kelly
An artist I never fail to be inspired by is Ellsworth Kelly. His work will always leap out and catch my eye, whatever the company he's keeping. I think part of me completely aspires to stripping my work down to something as simple as the shapes he sees. He shares my love of yellow, too!

VV Rouleaux
My other colour weakness is collecting bits of ribbon, trimmings, and haberdashery stuff. I don't really have any intention of using it, but i really like making these brightly coloured piles which catch my eye during the day and make me happy. VV Rouleaux is a particularly gorgeous shop for ribbons.

A Linha Curva
One of my daughters is a contemporary dancer and thanks to her, I’ve been watching some amazing dance performances. One of her classes is at Rambert and she became obsessed with this piece they were doing called "A Linha Curva"and we went to see it performed at Sadlers Wells. It is the most exciting and thrilling piece I’ve ever seen, and you just get transfixed by the music and what these dancer’s bodies can do.


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