Mood Board: Mignonne Gavigan

June 21, 2017

Bird Feathers
I am constantly inspired by color stories that happen in nature especially the ones that appear in bird feathers. Depending on their habitat, the colors can be very muted and monotone or incredibly bright. I reference these color stories each season to help nail down our next season’s palette.

Watercolor Painting
I am inspired by the randomness of watercolor paintings. I like to see where the paint goes, what shapes it makes...what other colors result from the movement of the water in the paint.

I love what’s happening with stripes right now…taking a staple striped button down and draping it unusual ways to create new patterns and shapes.

Layered Beading
The more time I spend working with couture beading, the more I am enamored with the elaborate creations layered beading can make… the possibilities are endless. When layering beads, you can’t help but look much more closely at the design at hand and look at it from all directions to see exactly what is happening. It’s a mini sculpture…an elaborate work of art.

Lilac, pale pink, barely there blues and greens…I can’t get enough right now.

Denim Everything
I remember when the idea of a denim tuxedo was a unique thought…and I loved it. I’m so pumped deconstructed, re-imagined denim tops and bottoms are everywhere. Makes me happy.


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