How to Throw the Perfect Dinner Party

December 16, 2016

Ken Fulk proved his party planning power when he created the #VBasement for us during New York Fashion Week. The music, the lights, the flowers, the decor, the drinks – everything was perfect. We asked Ken to share his top five tips for planning the perfect dinner party. Whether you’re having family for dinner or bringing friends together for the New Year, you’ll want to follow this list!


Start with a great invitation. It doesn't have to be a printed invitation, a digital invite can be fun, as long as it sets the right tone.


Go big with one decorative element. It can be an enormous floral arrangement that greets guests the moment they enter or towering candelabra marching down the table.


The food and drink needn't be fancy but it has to be delicious. It can be as simple as a roast chicken and mashed potatoes or even take out served on beautiful platters. The stress of preparing something overly elaborate isn't worth the pay-off.


I'm a fanatic about lighting levels. I always dim the lights way down and bring in lots of candles and reflective surfaces so the dinner table or the bar area glows in the middle of the space.


The just-right music level is key. It needs to be louder than you think it should but not so loud that it's distracting. Keep a volume control with you during the evening so you can adjust it as the party volume ebbs and flows.