Alliance of Moms: The Best Advice for New Moms

August 16, 2016

We are honored to support Alliance of Moms as part of our ongoing #VBGIVESBACK program and will be donating $10 of every order in August to the cause.
Yasmin Delawari Johnson

Alliance of Moms was started by five mothers in Los Angeles with the goal of breaking the cycle of babies born to teens in foster care by providing support, education and mentoring through a variety of workshops and events. "Having initially bonded over all the challenges we faced as new parents, we knew that we had to find a way to rally our friends and resources behind these teen moms who faced the same challenges without the resources or support," says co-founder Danika Charity. In honor of our partnership for August VB Gives Back, we asked the organization's founders and members to share their best advice for new mothers.

Jordana Brewster

Actress & Model, Mother of 2

"A strong community of like-minded moms to bounce ideas off of and get advice from is vital. My mommy friends keep me sane!"

Yasmine Delawari Johnson

AOM Co-President and Co-Founder, Mother of 4

"Remember that your body knew exactly what to do when creating this little human. Your body crafted your baby’s heart and brain. You are equally equipped to create and shape their lives. A village of support is critical, but there is no better expert than you for your child. And don’t buy into the myth of any mama having it all 'right' or 'together.' We are all winging it, everyday, but wing it from your heart."

Emily Lynch

AOM Co-Founder, Mother of 1

"If you find yourself in a dark place or really struggling don't be afraid to reach out and get help. Postpartum depression/anxiety can be debilitating and also very confusing. Seeing a professional and getting help is so important."

Erica Chidi Cohen

Doula and Co-Founder & CEO of Loom

"It’s ok to ask for help, sometimes we feel like we have to have all the answers and create all of the solutions for ourselves, our friends and  our families — but it’s important to pause, take a deep breath and turn to your partner and community for help and resources. Sometimes it’s the best form of self-care."

Georgia Tapert Howe

Interior Designer, Mother of 2

"Listen to your instincts and don't worry too much about what everyone else is doing. Its very easy to get caught up in what you think you "should" be doing. Do what works for you and your baby and remember everything is a phase it will pass! And believe all those people who tell you how fast it goes, they are right so enjoy it."

Jules Leyser

AOM Co-President and Co-Founder, Mother of 1

"Listen to the advice that makes sense to you and politely nod and ignore the suggestions that don’t. Trust your instincts. Your baby is yours. All they need is you."

Hilary Dancsecs

Mother of 2

"If family members or friends offer to help, take them up on it! Being a new mommy can be stressful and overwhelming. Let them hold the baby while you take a shower or take a nap. Maybe even go for a walk. Don't be afraid to reach out for help. We as mothers try to be super women by doing it all on our own, but even Super Woman needs a break sometimes. It really does take a tribe."

Kelly Zajfen

AOM Co-Founder, CoFounder & Creative Director, Little Minis

"It’s okay to cry. And it’s okay to be tired. Take moments to recharge and breathe when you’re feeling overwhelmed."

Zoe Schaeffer

Freelance Writer and Blogger for Macaroon Original, Mother of 3

"Be open to evolving as a parent. The parent you become isn't necessarily the parent you thought you were going to be. Learning and growing with your children is an important part of becoming the best parent you can be."

Heather Ariel Leitstein

Writer, Mother of 2

"The best piece of advice for new moms would be to ask for help. Ask for advice, ask for visits from friends, ask for food, ask for relief to get a nap or some exercise. Motherhood changes your daily life so swiftly and radically and in order to transition more easily, you will need support. You don't need a baby nurse or nanny, you just need the support you can find in your world. Allow yourself to be nurtured as you nurture your baby. People love to feel needed. No one will ever resent you for asking for help. Conversely, they will appreciate you for making them feel good!"

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