Behind the Scenes

Inside the #VBasement with Ken Fulk

September 12, 2016

When we set out to plan our Spring 2017 presentation, we wanted to do it in a way that celebrated our Madison Avenue store but also let you dive deeper into our world. You’ve been in our living room and now you get to come into our bedroom, our kitchen, our dressing room – all a part of our basement apartment designed by interior and lifestyle designer Ken Fulk.

Our basement apartment combines the nostalgia of past decades with a healthy dose of classic Americana. Think leopard print walls, vintage magazine collages, American flags and stilettos in the refrigerator. We knew Ken was the perfect partner to make our vision for this space come to life – he doesn’t do anything low key. It’s a space with the volume turned up to 10, it’s over the top and it shows all the sides of us: the humor, the naughtiness, the fun. The best part? We’re inviting you to come explore!

There is something to discover inside every corner, every drawer and behind every door. The #VBasement will be open now through 10/15 inside of our Madison Avenue store. Learn more about the space in our interview with Ken and we will see you downstairs!

988 Madison Avenue

Monday - Saturday, 10AM - 7 PM

Sunday, 12PM - 6PM

What was the inspiration in creating this space?

Ken Fulk: Equal doses of 1970’s/80’s sexy chic, mixed with Americana and combined with a fondness for the basement rec rooms of our youths. We all wanted it to be a celebration of classic American style full of wit and whimsy set in the most fashionable basement ever. We imagined what would it be like if a Veronica herself actually lived here.

What is your design process like? How do you take a vision and make it a reality?

KF: I refer to all of our creative endeavors as movies in my mind. They typically begin with some small reference floating around in my head. Here we wanted to pay tribute to American style icons while creating a mash up of uptown and downtown style. It was such a rich area to mine.

Describe the VBasement in 3 words:

KF: Evocative, Exciting, Exuberant.

How do you want people to feel when they walk in to the room?

KF: At home and ready to have a good time.


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