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988 Madison Avenue: The Fresh Flower Guide

September 29, 2016

We’ve loved teaming up with our longtime friend Valerie Infantino and her company Heritage Affairs to offer fresh flowers at our Madison Avenue store. Every week (on Wednesdays!) she delivers the most beautiful arrangements to the store – you can build your own assortment or walk away with one of her stunning creations. For all of the aspiring green thumbs out there, we asked Val to share all of her tips and tricks for keeping your flowers looking their best!

The #1 Tip for keeping flowers fresh?


The best tip for keeping flowers fresh at home is to change the water every other day. This keeps the bacteria from building up which can cut their days in half!

What is the biggest mistake people make with flowers?

Not cutting off all or most of the leaves. The leaves make it harder for the flower to drink and also add bacteria to the water.

HOW long do flowers last?

The average lifespan of a flower arrangements depends on two things: when the flowers came in and the type of flowers. Whether you're at the flower market or the corner deli, don’t be afraid to ask when the flowers came in. If they have been sitting on the shelf for three days, then that’s three days less you have to enjoy them in your home.

When choosing the type of flowers, know that each one has a different lifespan. Sadly, I always say the most beautiful blooms are the ones that die first. Anemones, dahlias and garden roses only last 3-4 days. There’s a reason why deli and grocery store flowers all have similar selections – roses, carnations and sunflowers last 7-10 days. The longest lasting? Branches can last weeks at a time!

What flowers are in season for fall?

Dahlias, Zinnias and Cosmos are a few of the flowers in season right now. You can find these in the Flower District (NYC), Union Square Farmers Market (NYC) or at a local farm. Last week, our Madison Avenue arrangements were zinnias in a chinoiserie ginger jar. I picked the zinnias up from a farm on my way back from Pennsylvania. Zinnias generally have a short lifespan but because they were literally cut from the farm and at Veronica Beard in less than 24 hours they lasted a full seven days!
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