Behind the Scenes

78 Greene Street: The Perfect Gallery Wall

May 4, 2017

Who doesn’t love a gallery wall? We teamed up with friend and interior designer Carolina de Neufville to create two gallery walls at the entrance of our new SoHo store. For our space, we combined a mix of vintage photographs, posters, and art from Voltz Clarke Gallery. After the pink couch in our back room, it might be our favorite thing in the store!

If you’re thinking of creating your own gallery wall, follow Carolina’s tips below!

1. Lay It Out

Before you start, layout the collage on the floor before you hang it.

2. Start Big

Place your largest piece on the wall first and then fill in around it.

3. Mix Things Up

Use different mediums (painting, photography, posters, etc.) and combine various sized pieces.

4. Frame It

We combined black and gold frames in varying sizes. It’s good to mix the frames slightly, feel free to play with size and finish.

5. The Line Up

Try not to line up the frames perfectly, you want the pieces to be slightly off center.

Trust your instinct and start hanging!