Al Fresco: Fresh Summer Dinner Recipes

July 14, 2016

Photos: The Butcher's Daughter and Haven's Kitchen

Few things are better than al fresco dining in the summer and what better way to take advantage of it then throwing your own dinner party for family and friends! We asked three of our favorite NYC foodies to share their best summer recipes. Happy cooking!

From The Butcher's Daughter

"The mushroom and red cabbage lasagne is a summer must have, as it highlights the best seasonal veggies and herbs of summer. I love that it’s super easy to make for a large group dinner party (layer it into a big pan and bake). You don’t really have to do anything else but open some rose and shake some summer cocktails!”
- Heather Tierny, founder of The Butcher's Daughter
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Photos by Whitney Leigh Morris

From Haven's Kitchen

"This recipe is a riff on Huevos Divorciados, a traditional Mexican breakfast featuring two fried eggs separated by a wall of a beans or tortilla chips. One egg is covered in red salsa and the other is covered in green salsa. It’s pretty and playful and delicious. I love gazpacho in the summer and wanted to play with the green side/red side theme so I came up with a dish of 2 thick gazpachos in a shallow bowl separated by a wall of tortilla strips.

This is a recipe for a summer dinner party because you make the two gazpachos early in the day and forget about them till dinnertime. The flavors in each soup with gain depth with time, and you need the time at the beach or the pool. The best part is that everyone can personalize their own bowl with whatever garnishes they prefer. Just scatter bowls around the table filled with avocado, grilled corn shaved off the cob, roasted chickpeas, torn cilantro leaves, chopped baby tomatoes, toasted pumpkin seeds, tortilla chips or grilled chicken or shrimp...I could go on forever…"
- Alison Cayne, founder of Haven's Kitchen
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Photo by Brittany Ambridge / Domino

From The Musket Room

"This dish is filling yet refreshing at the same time, not to mention visually stunning with pops of color from the vegetables and herbs." - Jennifer Vitagliano, co-owner The Musket Room

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From Clean Food Dirty City

"These tacos should make it into your rotation asap. They are an easy weeknight (or weekend!) dinner, hearty, and topped with one of my favorite sauces of all time – chimichurri. I made these on Sunday and had a couple unexpected guests for dinner – I put on a pot of black beans, pulled out some brown rice from the fridge, warmed some extra tortillas, sliced some avocado and the meal was instantly able to feed the happy crowd. Happy taco-ing!"
- Lily Kunin, founder of Clean Food Dirty City
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"This is one of the easiest summer recipes — perfect for getting the kids in the kitchen and helping you cook!" - VMB
Recipe adapted from Honest Mum.


"This is my go-to summer recipe, plus the kids love it!" - VSB