We empower the women
who make a difference in the world.

What Is #VBGivesBack?

Launched in 2015, #VBGivesBack features three pillars of support:

1. Every month online, we highlight one woman and the cause most important to her by sharing her story and donating $10 from every VeronicaBeard.com order to her charity.

2. In stores, we host shop-for-a-cause events, where a percentage of sales goes towards a local charity.

3. Our VBGB tote bag, a limited-edition artist series, continues to pay it forward with 100% of proceeds going back to the online charity of the month.

VBGB | 3.25.19

Q&A: Holland Cunningham

Meet the Artist
VBGB | 4.01.19

Dr. Robin Stern

We need to accept our feelings. All of them—because all emotions matter.